Koncalar Bakliyat has been established in 1989 and since then has been dealing with production,processing and exporting of agricultural products such as red lentils,chickpeas,beans,rice,kidney beans,bulgur,green lentils,popcorn and vetches.

Productıon and processing of agricultural products are carried out at the company’s own factory which is located on a 6000 square meters of land with full line processing activities such as cleaning ,electronic color sorting,peeling,sifting,splitting and calibration for chickpeas,lentils,beans and bulgur by strict quality control maintainance by healty environment and good quality standards.

Our mission is by using the changing and devoloping technology to offer our customers the same quality standards for every product and to provide customer satisfaction.
Our vision is by blending our experiences with technologıcal innovations to be in a continuous and controlled growth and to take a place in the world’s most trusted brands. .






The facilities of Mersin port which is the Turkey’s largest port for export of agricultural products and Mersin free zone provide logistical advantages for our shipments to golbal markets.
Domestiıc and international shipments and delivery of our products are performed by means of long distance transport channels like trucks,ships and trains..